Serialization for recovery and transport.


class Serde#

A serialization format.

This must support serializing arbitray Python objects and reconstituting them exactly. This means using things like json.dumps and json.loads directly will not work, as they do not support things like datetimes, integer keys, etc.

Even if all of your dataflow’s state is serializeable by a format, Bytewax generates Python objects to store internal data, and they must round-trip correctly or there will be errors.

abstract static ser(obj: Any) str#

Serialize the given object.

abstract static de(s: str) Any#

Deserialize the given object.

class JsonPickleSerde#

Serialize objects using jsonpickle.

See jsonpickle for more info.

static ser(obj: Any) str#
static de(s: str) Any#
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