Connectors for writing local-first demo dataflows.


X: TypeVar#


class RandomMetricSource#

Demo source that produces an infinite stream of random values.

Emits downstream (metric_name, val) 2-tuples.

If you want to emit multiple different metrics, create multiple bytewax.operators.input.input steps and bytewax.operators.merge.merge them.

Args: metric_name: To attach to each value.

interval: Emit a value on this cadence. Defaults to every 0.7

count: Number of values to generate. Defaults to infinite.

next_random: Callable used to generate the next random value.
    Defaults to a random `int` between 0 and 10.
metric_name: str#
interval: timedelta#


count: int#
next_random: Callable[[], float]#
list_parts() List[str]#

A single stream of values.

now: datetime,
for_part: str,
resume_state: Optional[bytewax.connectors.demo._RandomMetricState],

See ABC docstring.

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